Bristol Bay Tribes react to latest Pebble Mine plan

Contact: Alannah Hurley, United Tribes of Bristol Bay, 907-843-1633 or ahurley@utbb.orgBristol Bay Tribes React to latest Pebble Mine planDILLINGHAM, AK – Bristol Bay Tribes met the recent announcement by the Pebble Limited Partnership of “new” plans to develop a “smaller” mine at the headwaters of Bristol Bay with skepticism. While Pebble CEO Tom Collier unveiled updated plans for the major copper and gold mine in downtown Anchorage, the people of Bristol Bay viewed the newest plan as merely the latest in a long history of deceptions by the foreign mining company pursuing the project.“This is just a wolf in a sheep’s clothing,” said UTBB Executive Director Alannah Hurley. “For more than a decade, the Pebble Limited Partnership has­ tried to convince Alaskans that it should build a mine in­ Bristol Bay, at the headwaters of the world’s last great wild salmon runs. In that time, opposition has only increased, and Bristol Bay has been crystal clear on its feelings towards Pebble.”In response to the company’s announcement of a plan to share revenue with a small selection of Bristol Bay residents, Hurley stated: “This is another attempt by Pebble to purchase support. But, the people of Bristol Bay will not be bought. Our cultures and way of life do not have a price tag. We know that our fishery will continue to sustain us longer than the life of any mine plan.”The project being proposed would still be one of the largest in the world: Still larger even than the infamous Mt. Polley Mine that devestated the surrounding watershed in British Columbia, after a tailings dam failure in 2014. Collier’s “new” version of Pebble Mine calls for a shorter, 20-year permit, but at a mining conference in Denver last week, Pebble presented quite another story, asserting the mine’s operations could span generations and potentially centuries.“We have no illusions that this company would not hesitate to develop the world’s largest mine on top of the world’s largest wild sockeye fishery. This so-called small mine plan is just the latest in a long list of lies that Pebble has told Alaskans,” Hurley said.###The United Tribes of Bristol Bay (UTBB) is a tribal consortium representing 14 Bristol Bay tribes working to protect the Yup’ik, Denai’na, and Alutiq way of life in Bristol Bay.