Bristol Bay Tribes address Congressional hearing on Pebble mine

November 4, 2015Contact:Alannah Hurley, United Tribes of Bristol Bay, (907) 843-1633 or girlasue@gmail.comFOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:United Tribes of Bristol Bay releases statement regarding congressional hearing on bought-and-paid-for Pebble propagandaUTBB encourages House Science, Space and Technology committee members to see through Pebble-funded deception and uphold EPA’s transparent and thorough process, which was requested by tribes, to protect Bristol Bay communities, jobs, and salmon.DILLINGHAM, AK —United Tribes of Bristol Bay released a statement slamming the Pebble-funded deception campaign in advance of a hearing tomorrow before the House Science, Space and Technology committee.The United Tribes of Bristol Bay statement is as follows:“Tribal representatives of Bristol Bay are frustrated that the House Science, Space and Technology committee has decided to play along with Pebble Partnership’s paid efforts to discredit the EPA’s transparent, science-based and thorough process to protect Bristol Bay.It is astonishing that Pebble used the word ‘unfair’ to describe the effort, which commenced when the Bristol Bay tribes requested that EPA step in and undertake a review process – one that has now been supported by over one million Americans. In truth, it is Pebble Partnership that has been unfair to the tribes of Bristol Bay. Pebble Partnership initially promised the Bristol Bay Tribes transparency, but instead refused to file federal permit applications. Adding insult to injury, the Pebble Partnership has smeared the names of locals who have been diligently working to ensure the protection of the land we were entrusted with by our ancestors from risks posed by large-scale mining.Pebble Partnership has spent millions of dollars on lawyers, lobbyists and PR firms and ignored and abandoned their commitment to apply for permits and clean up the mess they’ve left scattered across our region. As acknowledged by their own report, the EPA process that was conducted in Bristol Bay was authorized by Congress under the Clean Water Act in circumstances where development poses insurmountable risk to unique and productive habitats. The spawning rivers and habitat of Bristol Bay represent the country’s last great sustainable wild salmon resource and also support local culture and over 14,000 jobs.We are grateful to the EPA for heeding our plea for environmental protections of the sensitive and pristine waters of Bristol Bay - the last of its kind on the planet. We hope members of the Committee are able to see through Pebble's attempts to mislead the public and discover the truth.”###United Tribes of Bristol Bay is a tribal consortium working to protect the Yup’ik, Denai’na, and Alutiq way of life and the Bristol Bay watershed from large-scale mining. Learn more about our work at