Salmon Slate offers best shot at protecting Bristol Bay

Renae ZackarSalmon Slate offers best shot at protecting Bristol BayBy Alannah HurleyUTBB Executive DirectorSince time immemorial, the people of Bristol Bay have taken good care of Bristol Bay’s lands and waters, and in turn, our home has sustained our people, year after year, generation after generation.For nearly two decades, it has been harder than ever before to protect our home and cultures, ever since the toxic Pebble Mine was proposed at the headwaters of our watershed that sustains the fishery. But we have stood strong in the face of all odds. Now, the Trump Administration is fast-tracking the Pebble Mine’s permits and threat of the mine is more real than ever before.The sheer number and willpower of all who oppose Pebble Mine has kept this toxic project from destroying our home and the world’s last great sockeye salmon fishery. But the fight ahead requires stronger leadership at the state and federal levels. We need elected officials who will push back against the Trump Administration and fight for Bristol Bay. We need the “Salmon Slate” to serve as warriors and protectors of our fishery: Mark Begich for Alaska Governor, Bryce Edgmon for Alaska House District 37, and Alyse Galvin for Congress. And, we need the updated fish habitat protections contained in Ballot Measure One. We support these candidates and ballot measure because they will support us in our fight to protect everything we hold sacred in Bristol Bay.salmon slate 2018This fall, casting your vote is the most important thing you can do to protect Bristol Bay from the Pebble Mine that will devastate the clean water, air and land that have sustained our people and our cultures since time immemorial.Right now, we are facing a permitting “process” for Pebble that will result the fastest produced large-mine permit in the history of the United States to ensure Pebble gets a permit before Trump’s first term is up. We must use our collective power at the voting booth to elect leaders who will stand up for Bristol Bay, stand up to this sham of a process, and protect our home and “national treasure.”We have a tough fight ahead. We need better laws in place that put people above profit. We need leaders at every level of government to work on protecting what has and will continue to sustain us- healthy Bristol Bay lands & waters result in healthy people in Bristol Bay. We will continue to fight for our home and the most important way we can do so right now is to vote for the Salmon Slate. Vote on November 6th like your lives and grandchildren’s lives in Bristol Bay depend on it…. because they do.“Paid for by United Tribes of Bristol Bay. This NOTICE TO VOTERS is required by Alaska law. We certify that this literature is not authorized, paid for, or approved by the candidates."