Thank You President Obama!

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FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE:December 16, 2014Contact:Alannah Hurley, Executive Director, United Tribes of Bristol Bay, (907) 843-1633 or girlasue@gmail.comUnited Tribes of Bristol Bay applauds President Obama’s historic move to protect the rich natural resources of Bristol Bay Citing the risks to Alaska Native culture and subsistence, President Signs order prohibiting any future oil and gas development in Bristol BayDILLINGHAM, AK — United Tribes of Bristol Bay’s President Robert Heyano released the following statement on President Obama’s signing of the Presidential Memorandum to permanently protect Bristol Bay from all future offshore oil and gas development:“We are grateful for President Obama’s announcement today to indefinitely protect Bristol Bay from offshore oil and gas exploration and drilling. His acknowledgement of the immense cultural and economic value of Bristol Bay and recognition of our country’s last great wild salmon resource is welcomed news that many of us have fought for decades to hear. We appreciate that he has listened to Alaska Natives and has secured Bristol Bay’s future as a national treasure.While this is a historic victory for Bristol Bay’s marine water resources, our Tribes continue to seek protections for the region’s freshwater resources; as we face continued threats to our salmon and way of life from large-scale mines like Pebble.”The President is authorized to protect Bristol Bay in this manner through Section 12 (a) of the Outer Continental Shelf lands Act (43 U.S.C. 1341(a)). This withdrawal prevents consideration of this area for any oil or gas leasing for purposes of exploration, development or production.###United Tribes of Bristol Bay is a tribal consortium working to protect their traditional way of life and the Bristol Bay watershed from large-scale hard rock mining.