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Salmon are a
way of life here.

Bristol Bay, its waters, our salmon and our way of life are at risk. We have been working to protect this place, along with many partners, for nearly 2 decades. The threat is Pebble Mine - a massive open pit mine proposed to be constructed at the headwaters of Bristol Bay.

The mine puts at risk a way of life that has sustained the indigenous people of the region since time immemorial; a commercial fishery that has been going strong for more than 130 years; and habitat that gives birth to the world’s largest wild salmon run.

Salmon are a way of life here. Every purchase made in our shop, every donation made to UTBB, and every person who chooses to take action, supports our efforts to make sure we keep it that way.

About the united
Tribes of Bristol Bay.

United Tribes of Bristol Bay (UTBB) is a tribal consortium working to protect the traditional Yup’ik, Dena’ina, and Alutiiq ways of life in Bristol Bay that depend on the sustainable harvest of our watershed’s renewable resources, most notably Bristol Bay’s wild salmon.

UTBB’s membership consists of 15 federally recognized Tribes in Bristol Bay, representing over 80 percent of the region’s population. Bristol Bay Tribes founded UTBB in 2013 after recognizing the need for a united voice in their longtime efforts to protect our way of life.

To learn more about UTBB, our land, our people and our priorities, please read more about us and our work.

Join us.
Protect Bristol Bay.

United Tribes of Bristol Bay relies on the support of generous donors - from both large organizations and individuals alike. Every donation helps us fight the threat posed by large scale mining in the Bristol Bay watershed.

If you believe in protecting the world’s largest wild salmon run, the habitat that supports this abundance and the indigenous people of this region that have relied on these lands and waters for thousands of years, click here.

We welcome you to join the fight with any amount, and in any way, that is meaningful to you. To find out how to help in non-financial ways, please email us or visit our events and take action pages.

Quyana for your support.