advocating nationally.
based Locally.

Maintaining connection to our roots is paramount in our work. The work to promote and advocate for the future of Bristol Bay is best done by those who understand the intricate ways in which salmon support our way of life, our local economy, and our cultural identity. This is why our office is located in-region and we employ a small staff that is based right here in Dillingham.

While UTBB is based locally, we work on a statewide and national scale to inform policy decisions that are based on local knowledge, input and guidance.

Led by an Executive Director that is hired by our Board of Directors, this team works tirelessly to advocate on behalf of our region, our people, and the sustainability of our salmon and our way of life.



Executive Director, Alannah Hurley

Alannah (Yup’ik) was born and raised in the Bristol Bay region. Originally from Clark's Point, she now resides in Dillingham. Alannah's passion lies in environmental justice and helping make self-determination a reality for Alaska’s indigenous people.


Deputy Director, Lindsay Layland

Originally from Dillingham, Lindsay is a life-long fisherman with a great respect for the waters, lands, and cultures of the Bristol Bay region. She is committed to community engagement and preparing and encouraging our future generations to lead empowered, sustainable, productive lives.


Community Engagement Director, Delores Larson

Delores’ Yup'ik name is Myuuraq. She was born in Dillingham and raised in Koliganek. Delores is a wife and mother of three. She lives a subsistence way of life and works to protect her lifestyle from large scale development in the Bristol Bay region. 


Operations Director, Sally Gumlickpuk

Sally Gumlickpuk is a life-long Bristol Bay resident, originally from New Stuyahok and now living in Dillingham. She raised her family on Bristol Bay’s subsistence resources, and wants to protect the land and water for the future.


Communications Director, Molly Dischner

Molly Dischner is a former Dillingham resident who was instantly struck by the landscape and cultures of the region. She is passionate about empowering local voices and wants to ensure that the lands, waters and opportunities in Bristol Bay that have sustained so many people are available for the next generation.


Spring Seasonal Employee, Constantine Johnson

Cory Johnson is from Koliganek, Alaska. He lives the subsistence way of life on Bristol Bay’s Nushagak River. 

in partnership for our people.

UTBB works in close partnership with Native American Rights Fund. NARF is the oldest and largest nonprofit law firm dedicated to asserting and defending the rights of Indian tribes, organizations and individuals nationwide. Together, UTBB and NARF seek to provide the highest levels of protection for Bristol Bay’s most important resource: its people.

UTBB is also privileged to have the help of volunteers, interns, contractors, temporary employees and many partner organizations who support our mission each year. Our work would not be possible without their assistance.